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Dream made reality by Jaime Hinckson


Say hello to the new standard of live-instrumentation music production! Created by Grammy award-winning pianist and producer, Jaime Hinckson, this new music label serves as the sanctuary for an array of upcoming international artists


Miss Mac Music continues the legacy of Hinckson’s piano teacher and guardian angel, Joan McMorris, affectionally known as ‘Miss Mac.’ The label stands above the rest due to its diverse repertoire of songs, written in a medley of colorful languages and exotic dialects. Fusing unique collaborations in Amharic, Portuguese, Serbian, and many others, Miss Mac reassures us that music is the true universal language, no matter the genre or demographic. “Music makes the world a smaller place, bringing people together for 3-5 minute intervals throughout their lifetimes. It transcends race, color, social status, political affiliation; it knows no bounds. Good music will always sound like good music, regardless of your ear size,” founder Jaime Hinckson explains


Kicking off the new venture, the label released Jaime's latest reggae jazz instrumental project, Fresh Produce, in tandem with an assortment of international remixes that have keep listeners buzzing throughout the year. A dash of snare drum, a pinch of bass line, two handfuls of piano licks; each song embodies all the essential ingredients in Miss Mac’s trademark recipe that continues to captivate reggae and jazz lovers alike. Be on the lookout for the rousing creations to follow..



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