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Hollie Cook's First U.S. Tour

Jaime Hinckson will be on the road with U.K. reggae artist, Hollie Cook, for her first ever tour in the United States this October. The roster consists of 10 shows in 9 cities with a few stops along the way for radio interviews and guest appearances.

As the keyboardist for Hollie's band, Jaime has experienced his first taste of playing multiple sounds simultaneously including piano, organ, horns, strings and symph oftentimes all in the same song. Not to mention he has also picked up a new instrument, the melodica, better known as the acoustic piano which offers a unique sound similar to that of a harmonica. Throughout the tour we can expect to hear a few solos from Jaime on both the keyboard and the melodica.

The tour is set to begin on October 13th in Brooklyn, New York and will conclude at the legendary Park Plaza in Los Angeles, California on October 25th. Check out the events page for details on tour dates and venues. This is definitely a show you don't want to miss!

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